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File:Kafr_Qara_P1070788.JPG is shown at Commons:Deletion requests so which the Group can discuss regardless of whether it ought to be saved or not. We would respect it if you may head over to voice your feeling about this at its entry.

Hi Deror avi, now you see how deceptive Google translate is — this time from another side ;) Even if the English location and German Platz seem to be connected, they've got a unique this means.

But then, equally as the rat was about to make his "rattish" desire arrive real, another human climbed down beneath the bottom. Not a person-cub such as the small Female, but one that had also been made in the divine image.

כך שהעמותה לא מתבקשת להקצות תקציב למיזם, כי אם לפרוש עליו את חסותה בלבד. אני אוכל להתכתב עם הוועד בנדון במרוצת השבוע הקרוב, אך לא יהיה לי פנאי לנהל את המיזם בפועל, או אפילו להריץ בעצמי בדיקת היתכנות שלו.

In the event you produced this file, you should Take note that The truth that it's been proposed for deletion doesn't automatically imply that we do not benefit your type contribution. It only ensures that one human being believes that there is some distinct issue with it, for instance a copyright concern.

מזכירות וגזברות הלישכה גובים את התשלומים הראשונים שנתקבלו מהחייב לטובת האגרה. מה עלי לעשות? הרי קבלתי פטור ולא דחייה. אני מאוד מבקש הנחיות שלך.

Make sure you don't forget to answer and – if ideal – contradict the arguments supporting deletion. Arguments which focus on the nominator won't impact the result of the nomination. Thank you!

..would like to fulfill you when touring there ,,,couldn't find out how to reach you, but would also choose to look at the best way to make use of your photos and correctly attribute them etc Idea: Categorizing photographs[edit]

The wikitext diff is similar diff Instrument that is certainly Utilized in the wikitext editors and from the site record. You'll be able to read through and enable translate the consumer guidebook, that has more information about how you can make use of the visual editor.

Be aware that any unsourced and untagged pictures are going to be deleted just one week when they are already uploaded, as explained on standards for speedy deletion.

You are able to read through and support translate the consumer guide, which has much more information about ways to use the visual editor.

Please try to remember to answer and – if ideal – contradict click here the arguments supporting deletion. Arguments which concentrate on the nominator will likely not have an impact on the result of the nomination. Thanks!

יעל נועם מומחית סטיפס אפשרית גישה הומוריסטית כמו " קודם תענה לי אתה לגביך".. וגם אין תגובה... עבור לשאלה הבאה.. תגיש לי רשימה של כל השאלות.. קריאה הו. הם יבינו.

Should you created this file, you should note that the fact that it's been proposed for deletion will not necessarily signify that we do not worth your form contribution. It simply just signifies that a person human being believes that there's some certain trouble with it, such as a copyright concern.

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